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Jr. Beta 2020-2021 News Update


Hello Patriots,

We at North Vermilion Middle School hope that you and your family are well during this unusual time.  As we spend these days sheltering at home, we are beginning to prepare for the 2020-2021 school year.  Part of our planning is working to give our students the best schedule we can.  As you know, you will have one elective class next year that you get to request.  We are having to come up with new ways to collect this information from you while we are out of school. 

We have created a Google Classroom for each grade level to help us get your input. We would like for you to add this class to your Classroom dashboard.  If you already have a Google Classroom, remember, you must click the + in the top, right corner to add a class.  Enter the code, which is case sensitive, and you will be added to the class. 

*If you are not familiar with Google Classroom, simply go to:  You will need to enter your school email. Every student has a school email account and should be able to access it. You email is your  It is through gmail, so make sure you go through Google. (You can find your ID number on your ID, or on your report card, progress report, or on the Student Progress Center.) Your password is your birthdate (2 digit 2 digit 4 digit  example:  04262020 would be today).  Next you will need to sign up as a student.  Then you will click the + sign in the top right and enter the code for your grade level.  **Note:  If you don’t sign up using the student’s school email, you will not have access to the documents in the Class.

Make sure to join the correct class for your grade level!

5th Grade 2019-2020            Class Code:  4zbbnub

6th Grade 2019-2020            Class Code:  twexfse

7th Grade 2019-2020            Class Code:  6lpguxq

The class has two attachments you will need to request your elective.  The first is a Grade Level Elective Description document.  This will show you which electives are available for your grade level.  You are asked to select two (first choice and second choice) in case you don’t get your first choice.  Once you view this document and make your selections, you will then open the Google Form for your grade Schedule Request.  You should complete the form and submit.  This will send your request to us.  You should discuss with your parents and make a decision.  We will collect the requests to organize the information and begin the scheduling process.

Thank you and please make thoughtful selections as you will have this class for a year.  Absolutely no schedule changes will be accepted after May 1, 2020.

Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Lauren, counselors

North Vermilion Middle School

Letter to download