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All new students must bring the following documents when registering:

1) Copy of withdrawal form from previous school
2) Birth certificate
3) Social security card
4) Immunization record
5) Electric bill from residence

6) Water bill or gas bill from residence



  • All families must provide proof of domicile at orientation.  This requires a domicile form (see below) and a copy of a current electricity bill.  If the electricity bill is not under the parent / guardian's name, then a notarized VP Affidavit (see below) must accompany the bill and the domicile form.

  • Domicile Form and the  VP Affidavit here.  Affidavits (if necessary) must be notarized. Contact the school if you have questions.

  • Any new students who registered after the last day of school (May 23, 2014) do not have to provide proof of domicile as it was part of the registration packet.